Eco-friendly Cleaning

Traditional cleaners use harsh chemicals or bleach, our solution is a naturally safe cleaner for your home and community.

Microbes to the Rescue

Microbes are nature's most powerful cleaning agents! We give them the tools to eat away at oil and protein stains the natural way.

Leading the Industry

ACT Cleaners has formulated an incredibly tough microbial team that actually cleans stains, not just cover up or erode the surface layer.

Pet-friendly Solution

Our cleaning agent is safe to use around animals from the bottle to the cleanup. Do your furry friends a favor and skip the toxic chemicals.

Designed Eco-Friendly from the beginning in 1996!

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide high quality, eco-friendly, green cleaning products. ACT products eliminate petroleum and protein spills and stains with as little effort as possible. In 1996 we set out to achieve this goal with a dry formulation. In 1999 we received our first patent that was the beginning of “Changing The Way The World Cleans by using Microbes ®.

All of ACT’s products are listed on the USDA Bio-Preferred program, and have passed strict guidelines and tests set by the EPA. ACT’s simple application of “Apply, Mist and Walk Away” makes it practical and easy for everyone to reduce their carbon footprint from Industrial, Commercial and Residential contamination.

Changing the way the world cleans using microbes

Thank you,

Carla M. Franssen, Todd P. Franssen, Joseph Grassi

Frequently asked questions

It really is as simple as “Apply, Mist, and Walk Away”! We have detailed instructions with an application video available here.

Use the area normally. The microbes will do their work eating and breaking down the oil and protein stains and when they’re done, the carbon will be left in the surface (strengthening it) and the hydrogen and oxygen will evaporate away!

You will have to be patient and let the microbes do their work. Depending on the stain, it can take anywhere from 2-3 days to 2 weeks for the microbes to finish breaking down the stain. When they’re done eating, the cleaner will simply evaporate away. You may need to sweep up a bit if too much was applied, but there’s actually nothing you need to do after applying the cleaner, let the microbes do the work!
While the cleaner is working, the stain is covered so it looks good (the HOA can’t complain) and you are free to use the area normally – whether it’s inside your garage or at the gas station!

ACT Cleaning products are safe to use on concrete, plastic, ceramic, asphalt, wood, soil, metal, brick, and more! This isn’t a bleach or chemical solution that will damage your surface, but if your surface isn’t listed and you’re still worried, please reach out to us on our contact page or try a small amount of the product in an inconspicuous location.

Yes! We partner with to deliver internationally, here’s our eBay store. We currently do not support shipping internationally through our website, but we’re constantly looking to improve options.

See how easy it is to use

Detailed instructions with videos!

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Endorsements, reviews, and more!

Love the products. Thanks to ACT cleaning products my drain is clean, concrete is clean, and litter box smells great!
Adell E
The products that this company offers are nothing short of amazing! They do exactly what is advertised and what's better...IT'S NATURAL AND SAFE for the environment!! With all the things going on in this world and our environment, having one less damaging chemical based product - that truly works - is a win to me! You can't go wrong with this. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed!
Sabrina F

I met you guys many years ago in Spring Texas at Rayford Crossing Rv resort probably around 2007! I am still using your product and it's still working well!

Richard D
As I told you, I am updating you on the side by side test being conducted at our facility. I am sure you will be happy to learn that not only is your product less expensive, it is hands down out-performing the competition.
Troy R
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