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ACT Oil Spill Absorbent

There’s no denying the toxic effects that an oil spill will have on the surrounding environment, both in the moment and in the future. In whatever work environment you may be in, as soon as an oil spill happens, your job is to clean it up as quickly as possible.

When it comes to handling the mess, there’s no better eco-friendly alternative than ACT Oil Spill Absorbent. Whether it’s a small leak or a big spill, you want it handled safely, securely, and with as little further damage as possible.

Eco-friendly oil spill absorbent

Tested by the EPA and with USDA certification, ACT provides the best fast-acting, environmentally safe oil spill absorbent for the eco-friendly market. Its microbial design relies on biological organisms to address oil spills. As they rapidly multiply, they absorb any excess oil before it seeps into the soil, drawing it out safely. In addition, it suppresses toxic fumes that may rise from the spill. It reduces the likelihood of combustion.

Its biological makeup ensures that it’s safe to use around other organic matter, such as plants, animals, or humans. Once applied, it works much like an oil spill mat, soaking into the contaminated area to remove harmful chemicals. As it absorbs the oil, its fiber blend allows it to soak up to five times its own weight. Then, so long as it’s not oversaturated, it can be reused later.

Uses for oil spill absorbent

The ACT oil spill absorbent is ideal for any number of surface environments: soil, water, roadways, or any other hard surface. Environmental temperature isn’t an issue either, as it proves to be highly effective in subzero temperatures as well. ACT Oil Spill Absorbent is an excellent environmentally friendly spill kit for any situation.

This product is engineered to help return its immediate environment to its original healthy state via the best biological means available. However, it’s also perfect for pre-emptive testing to ensure safety and quality standards. This includes testing leaky pipes, contaminated underground water systems, water tanks, injection wells, and more. It’s not just for emergency clean up.

Whether you need to clean up a spill or ensure you aren't going to have on in the future, ACT oil spill absorbent is a top-quality eco-cleaning product. You’ll be hard pressed to find a competitor that proves to be half as effective while maintaining an environmentally safe claim to its name.