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ACT Absorbent

ACT Absorbent can be used on small leaks or large spills. The fiber blend of our product enables it to absorb up to five times its own weight in liquid and can be reused if not saturated. This product is designed to sit and work as a spill mat. In addition, it suppresses odors and vapors which can reduce the ignition of flammable materials. This product is safe to use around plants, animals, and humans. When you are in the market for eco-cleaning products that use new green cleaning technologies, our bioremediation products are perfect for your needs.

 Unlike other cleaning products, our business provides bioremediation products that are environmentally friendly. This means that we use biological organisms to mitigate or clean up a spill. We engineer the microbes in our products to rapidly multiply using oxygen. These green cleaning technologies are unlike any other product you have ever seen. Read more about our eco-cleaning products and purchase our absorbent product today.

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