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ACT Oil Spill Absorbent

ACT Oil Spill Absorbent is not like clay, fuller’s earth, diatomaceous earth or kitty litter. ACT Absorbent starts to bio-remediate on contact with oil spills. In addition, it suppresses odors and vapors which can reduce the ignition of flammable materials. ACT Absorbent is a unique fiber blend enables it to absorb up to five times its own weight in liquid. It is also designed to sit and work as a spill mat eliminating slip hazards. ACT Absorbent is safe to use around plants, animals, humans. It’s eco-friendly and cost effective helping save clients the hassle and cost of expensive methods needed with traditional absorbents.

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Oil Spill Absorbent with a Unique Bio-Remediation Process

ACT Absorbent uses a patented microbial formula fiber blend. When you place ACT Absorbent on an oil spill, as it begins to absorb the spill it also starts to bio-remediate the contaminated liquid (That means the microorganisms eat the contaminated liquid) removing the environmental hazards completely.

How to use ACT Absorbent?

Spread ACT Absorbent over spill area.
Allow absorbent to remain in contact with the spill for as long as possible.
clean up absorbent and put in separate container.
In 15 days absorbent can be disposed of.

What surfaces can I use ACT Absorbent on?

All hard surfaces. Not intended for use in a body water.

What kind of spills do I use ACT Absorbent on?

ACT Absorbent’s Patented microbial formula picks up the spill bio-remediates odors, gas, oil, antifreeze, acids, chemicals, body fluids and much more. ACT Absorbent can be used on small leaks or large spills.

ACT Absorbent Available in.

25lbs. Bag $25.00

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