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How to Clean Oil Off Asphalt

Knowing how to clean and maintain asphalt is an important part of owning a home or operating a business, but nothing is harder to remove than oil. ACT Asphalt Cleaner not only removes whatever contaminants cling to your driveway, but also strengthens the surface through bio-remediation of the synthetic detergents and oils that damage your asphalt, all while remaining environmentally friendly. This means it's safe for anyone pets, plants, or even children to use.

How to Use Asphalt Cleaner

The first step in cleaning is to scope out the pavement, taking note of the oil stains you want to erase and ensuring that there aren't any pieces of debris that'll get in the way of the cleaning process. This includes items such as: discarded wrappers, tossed drinks, or fallen leaves. For commercial use, choose a time of day when business has slowed down to allow business to continue unimpeded, and consider outlining the work area with traffic cones to deter even the most reckless of customers.

Next, shake a small amount of asphalt cleaner onto the afflicted area. Use roughly a quarter of a cup on each stain. Then, using a soft, surface push broom, sweep the product across using up and down motions. Be sure to avoid sweeping too roughly. Since asphalt is a porous material it's possible to work the cleansing powder past the stain. The cleaner must bind to the oil stains on a microbial level, and has to be in contact with the stain to work.

Once you're finished sweeping it out, everything's set! For faster results, wet the already applied cleansing agent with a spray bottle of water to lubricate the binding process. Don't use actual bottles of water or gardening hoses, as the stream may be too powerful and wash away the cleaner before it has a chance to fully settle. By the time everything's had a chance to dry, you'll have freshly cleaned asphalt.

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