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ACT Asphalt Cleaner

ACT Asphalt Cleaner offers you a superior, cost effective and safe alternative to other eco-cleaning products on the market today. This environmentally safe water conversational formula removes oil buildup and stains while strengthens the integrity of the asphalt surface by decomposing the detergents in refined oils that breaks down the asphalt work on proteins also. Simply apply it and walk away. ACT Asphalt Cleaner for oil and stains can be used around plants, animals, and humans. When you add this to your order of bioremediation products, you’ll be able to make it last. 1 pound of this product covers approx. 50 square feet and has no shelf life. When you are seeking green cleaning technologies for your asphalt, this is the right choice. 

Place an order for this asphalt cleaner and our other bioremediation products today! Our business is proud to integrate amazing green cleaning technologies in each of our eco-cleaning products, which means you can rest assured that your cleaner will not do any damage to your asphalt or anything surrounding it.

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