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ACT Spill Kit

Whenever you have a spill, especially with harmful products like oil or gasoline, cleaning up the mess as quickly and effectively as possible is your first step. By their very nature, however, these sorts of spills are difficult to clean up. Towels and rags aren’t very effective at drawing out the toxic chemicals, and using more chemicals is self-defeating.

An Effective Solution for Spills

ACT presents an effective method of dealing with erroneous spills with our emergency spill kit. Designed for simplistic, fast-acting use, you’ll soon be removing the remains of your spill with hardly any lasting damage. This spill kit is designed to treat any sort of spill, effectively removing them from nearly any surface imaginable with little hassle.

The ACT spill kit is provided in a powder form. This allows you to easily distribute it over any variety of spill effectively. Every square inch needs to be covered to ensure overall spill removal. The emergency spill kit powder is comprised of a microbial makeup, meaning there are no chemicals involved in the process.

How to Use the Spill Kit

To apply the emergency spill kit, the best method depends on the size of the spill. For larger spills, first outline the spill with the powder. Make sure the edge is fairly thick and that you’ve covered the entire perimeter. Afterwards, cover the rest of the spill with a cohesive layer. Once you’ve finished, you may want to let it rest for a moment before scraping the pile up.

After the initial top layer of the spill has been absorbed, dispose of the used up powder. All that should be left is a non-liquid spot on the ground. Once you’ve removed the first layer of powder, the next step is to sprinkle the absorbent over the spill. This part helps further remove any leftover traces of the spill from the ground. Let that sit for a bit longer before cleaning it up.

For smaller spills, you don’t need to bother outlining it, though you certainly can. After covering the entirety of the spill with the initial powder, make sure you sweep it up before applying the absorbent. Once you’ve applied the absorbent, you’ll be able to effectively remove any trace of the spill.

Ensuring a Safe Environment

Rather than using harmful chemicals to clean, ACT utilizes the power of microorganisms to to treat messes. Using oxygen to rapidly multiply, this product’s use of living organisms to address hazardous spills.