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ACT BioRemediation Emergency Spill Kit

ACT bioremediation emergency spill kit is the only bio-remediation spill kit on the market. This kit is complete with a 1-gallon container of ACT Absorbent for liquid absorption, 1lbs. of ACT Terra Firma for site remediation, gloves, and a liner for the package to pick up and haul the absorbent off site or you can just leave the absorbent and let it remediate itself. Whether you are in the market for eco cleaning products or are just seeking new cleaning technologies, our bioremediation products are perfect for your needs.

Being conscious about your carbon footprint means making changes wherever you can. Our eco-cleaning products are perfect for business owners and individuals who are interested in new cleaning technologies that work efficiently and are green. Review our variety of bioremediation products and place an order for an emergency spill kit or any other selections today. With our selections, you can easily clean up a mess.

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