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How To Apply ACT Drain Mate to Drains, Septic Systems, 
Grease Traps and Holding Tanks

Taking proper care of your sink saves you the pain of calling on a plumber in the future. This means ensuring that your pipes are clean and grease-free is paramount for a functional kitchen appliance. Sticking your hand down the hole isn’t advisable and certainly isn’t effective. Rather than try and fall back on using chemicals that may end up harming the environment, consider other options.

Flush Out What’s Clogging Your Drains

ACT Drain Mate is a microbial drain cleaner you can use to flush out whatever’s clogging your pipes. Being a microbial drain cleaner means that we don’t use any chemicals in our products. Instead, we use microorganisms to combat messes, spills, and any other pinch of trouble that needs cleaning. As the bacterial enzymes get to work, they utilize any available oxygen to reproduce. As they reproduce, they clean.

As soon as you apply this microbial drain cleaner, all that’s left is to let it do its work. Given time, your pipes will soon be unclogged and grease-free.

Easy-to-Use Drain Cleaner

Application is user-friendly. ACT Drain Mate comes in a powder form, making it an easily distributable commodity for anything you may need it for. With the included cup, you can take a serving of the microbial drain cleaner and drop it in. Running water helps makes the process go a bit more smoothly. Beyond that, there’s not much else you’ll need to do except wait.

Within time, your pipes will be clean of clogs, grease, and unwanted odors. This industrial strength product not only effectively clears out any obstructions, it does so without risking any damage to your pipe’s integrity or to the environment.


There’s nothing so important than being environmentally conscious about the products you use. Competing brands that utilize chemicals to get the job done are ultimately only concerned with the short-term effects of their brand usage. Everything that we flush down the drain ends up interacting with the outside world, for better or for worse.

That’s why ACT ensures all of our products are environmentally safe, ensuring conscientiously sound decision making. The use of a microbial drain cleaner is revolutionary in its field, as it combats all forms of grease or clogs in an eco-friendly, effective way.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

While it may seem like this microbial drain cleaner is reserved for sinks, it’s nothing so limited. The ACT Drain Mate is perfect for any drains, holding tanks, grease traps, or septic systems you may have on your property. Anything that can be prone to clogs or unfriendly smells can be addressed by this product. With any application, however, make sure you add water as well.