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ACT Drain Mate

Make sure your drains are running properly with eco-cleaning products from ACT Bioremediation Products.  ACT Drain Mate is used to clean out grease traps, septic systems, RV holding tanks, and p-traps in any home or business, including restaurants. This eco-friendly drain cleaner increases your system microbial population that eats away the contamination. Apply one scoop of ACT Drain Mate to drain and rinse product down the drain. The green cleaning technologies will do the rest! Reapply every two weeks for the best results. 

Instead of pouring harmful chemicals down your drain, ACT offers an amazing eco drain cleaner that uses green cleaning technologies to clean your pipes. This product, as well as our other bioremediation products, are ideal for anyone concerned about sending more harmful chemicals into our sewage system and – eventually – out into the world. Start going green when you clean by using our eco-cleaning products. Place an order for our Drain Cleaner and you will see the difference.

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