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ACT Trash Can Deodorizer

Trash cans are synonymous with undesirable stenches. That goes with the territory of being a trash can. It’s all in the name, after all. Regardless of how much you take care of it, chances are it’s going to get rank. However, rather than throwing out the trash can you already have and exchanging it for a fresh one, you should try addressing the problem directly.

Eliminate Trash Can Smells

Using the ACT trash can deodorizer provides the much needed relief that you’re looking for. Utilizing microbial cleaners, this product systematically erases and replaces any repulsive odors with an amiable citrus aroma. Being able to effectively eliminate persistent odors can be a hassle, but ACT provides an effective, environmentally friendly alternative to the competition.

Powder Form Makes It Easy to Clean Trash Cans

You won’t need to worry about getting in elbow deep into your trash can to make full use of this product. It comes provided in a powder form, allowing easily distributable access to the entire trash can’s interior. All you need to do is coat the inside until it’s effectively covered with the trash can deodorizer. A light coat later, and then you can leave it to work its magic.

Environmentally Friendly Trash Can Deodorizer

ACT provides some of the best eco-friendly cleaning products on the market. Rather than using harmful chemicals to clean, ACT utilizes the power of microorganisms to treat messes. Using oxygen to rapidly multiply, this product’s use of living organisms to address hazardous problems extends beyond simple odors.

Prevent Trash Can Odor

While this product’s main calling card is its ability to remove unwanted smells from trash cans, it’s also designed for preventative cleaning. Trash cans are the perfect environments for fly larvae, due to the abundance of decay available. ACT trash can deodorizer kills any fly larvae that may be inside the trash can. Plus, if you have excess grime or spills, it does double-duty on addressing those as well.

How to Use Trash Can Deodorizer
Make sure your trash can is as devoid of debris as possible prior to using the trash can deodorizer. While it can address leftover issues, anything too imposing may prove to be detrimental to gaining the full effect. Make sure to throw out any obstructing trash before applying the deodorizer.

Made for all Types of Trash Cans
This deodorizer can work with any sort of material. Trash cans, after all, come in all sorts of types. Whether your trash can is made out of plastic or metal makes no difference. Once you sprinkle the deodorizer into the interior and let it sit, your trash can will be good as new in no time at all.