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ACT Trash Container Deodorizer & Cleaner

Put an end to smelly trash cans with green cleaning technologies from our business. ACT green trash container cleaner is a time saving and cost effective trash deodorizer, that works to clean any aluminum, steel, or plastic container, as well as trash compactors. It helps prevent leakage by working as an absorbent in the container and controls elements flies and fly larvae. Furthermore, it puts an end to offensive odors which accompany most trash containers and has a fresh citrus fragrance. Like some of our other EPA-tested USDA certified cleaning products, it is safe to use around plants, animals, and humans. 

Anyone who has had to do a deep clean of a garbage can knows that it is a pain. When you use our green cleaning technologies, you’ll be able to easily clean your can without dealing with harsh chemicals. We have a wide variety of high-end EPA-approved cleaning products, like our eco friendly drain cleaner. Our business knows that you’ll be satisfied with the quality of this amazing and efficient trash deodorizer.

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