Combustion test on Mitigated Gasoline Spill

Combustible Test on ACT Terra Firma and Gasoline part one.

This test is to determine the effectiveness of a specified amount of amount of ACT Terra Firma to neutralize gasoline vapors and eliminate combustion.

Apply 4oz of gasoline to a concrete surface of approximately three-square feet (432 square inches). Allow one minute for the gasoline to penetrate into the concrete. 

The gasoline spreads out making a spill area of 3 feet in diameter Note: vapors were very noticeable.

Apply 2.5lbs of ACT Terra Firma to control gasoline vapors.

As ACT Terra Firma is added,  the gasoline vapors will be immediately controlled in the applied areas and after total application there were no vapors will be detected.

Using a 14oz handheld propane torch, apply flames directly to the spill area to see if gasoline vapors are suppressed.

As the flames from the propane torch are applied to spill area the gasoline will not ignite or combust.

Sweep up excess ACT Terra Firma into a pile.  Allow the mixture to be exposed to the air for sufficient time for the gasoline to be full absorbed and residual vapors to be released.  However, our tests demonstrate that the pile of ACT Terra Firma will not ignite or combust.

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