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The fantastic green cleaning technologies from ACT are perfect for your cleaning needs. Whether you work for a cleaning company or are just looking for something to tidy up the messes at your home, our eco cleaning products, such as our trash deodorizer, corral cleaner, and asphalt cleaner, are perfect for your needs. These amazing options are perfect for any cleaning situation, whether it’s a big spill or something small.


Our eco cleaning products work through the process of bioremediation. This is the process of using biological organisms to mitigate or clean up a spill, leak, or any other environmental problem. We specially engineer the microbes in our products to multiply rapidly using oxygen instead of water, making the ideal for use in a commercial kitchen or pipeline. Take a look at these selections, including our trash deodorizer, and start employing our green cleaning technologies at your business.

ACT® Terra Firma

ACT® Concrete Cleaner

ACT® Asphalt Cleaner

ACT® Trash Container Deodorizer Cleaner

ACT® Drain Mate
ACT BioRemediation Emergence Spill Kit

ACT® BioRemediation Emergency Spill Kit

ACT® Absorbent

ACT® Corral Cleaner