ACT Asphalt Cleaner


ACT Asphalt Cleaner is the only cost effective and safe Environmentally friendly, water conservation, proprietary formula of Microorganisms in turn produce extracellular enzymes which completely break down Petroleum’s and Proteins removing buildup and stains while strengthening the integrity of the asphalt surface through bio-remediating, Synthetic detergents and oils that break down and erode the asphalt surface.
ACT Asphalt Cleaner works on Petroleum spills, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, motor oils, power steering, hydraulic and transmission fluids, antifreeze and grease.
Protein spills, gum, soda pop, mold, mildew, bird droppings, human and pet waste stains, condiment stains and much more.

ACT Asphalt Cleaner will not harm your asphalt surfaces because it is formulated to attack detergents, oils, and other contaminants, while not interacting with the asphalt sludge. Please note that using ACT Asphalt Cleaner on asphalt may take a little longer than other ACT Products to achieve desired results. Be patient and give the microbes time to do their job!

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