ACT Neighborhood Eco-Pack


Introducing the ACT Neighborhood Eco-Pack! With three 8oz Concrete Cleaner and two 8oz Asphalt Cleaner, there’s plenty to go around! This bundle has significant savings when purchasing multiple 8oz cleaners.

Don’t let an oil spill ruin your neighborhood’s beauty or risk polluting your stormwater system with pollutants and harsh chemical cleaners. With ACT Concrete Cleaner and ACT Asphalt Cleaner, you and your neighbors can easily clean deep oil stains using natural microbes through Bio-Remediation. Our eco-friendly products are quick and simple to use, taking only 5 minutes to apply, and the natural microbes get to work.

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ACT Concrete Cleaner and ACT Asphalt Cleaner
Experience the easiest, quickest concrete cleaner on the market. ACT Cleaners are environmentally safe, Eco-friendly and safe to use around plants, animals, humans and will not damage any concrete, stone, rocks, pavers, flagstone, granite, marble, tile, grout, Trex and wood decks, plastic, metal surface. All while controlling odors helps prevent contaminants from entering storm drains, fresh water and ground water supplies. Such as Petroleum based stains, oils, gas, diesel, antifreeze, greases, rust.
Protein based stains, mold, mildew, bird droppings, pet waste stains, soda pop, condiment stains and much more. ACT’s revolutionary technology has made bio-remediation possible for Commercial and Residential clients.

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 7 in
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