ACT Concrete Cleaner


What is ACT Concrete Cleaner Revolutionary bio-remediation process:

Bio-remediation is the use of microorganisms to cleanup contamination.
Unlike soaps, degreasers, emulsifiers or extracted enzymes that just breaks apart contamination, ACT’s Microbial formula uses extracellular enzymes that eats the contamination. ACT’s formula takes it one step further converting the carbon dioxide into oxygen. What makes ACT Concrete Cleaner so revolutionary is that it holds the carbon dioxide and water into the formula and lets the microorganisms use it up, converting it back into oxygen and water allowing everything to evaporate.
How to use ACT Concrete Cleaner?
Apply a small amount of cleaner to stained area. Using a soft bristle broom, brush in one direction, then brush cleaner in the opposite direction. Mist the already applied product with a spray bottle of water until cleaner is damp. (Do not use garden hose) Repeated application may be necessary after two weeks to achieve the desired results. DO NOT sweep or wash cleaner off. Cleaner and stain will dissipate.

Safety Data Sheet

ACT Concrete Cleaner for Commercial and Residential Spills:
Experience the easiest, quickest concrete cleaner on the market. ACT Concrete Cleaner is environmentally safe, Eco-friendly and safe to use around plants, animals, humans and will not damage any concrete, stone, rocks, pavers, flagstone, granite, marble, tile, grout, Trex and wood decks, plastic, metal surface. All while controlling odors helps prevent contaminants from entering storm drains, fresh water and ground water supplies. Such as Petroleum based stains, oils, gas, diesel, antifreeze, greases, rust.
Protein based stains, mold, mildew, bird droppings, pet waste stains, soda pop, condiment stains and much more. ACT’s revolutionary technology has made bio-remediation possible for Commercial and Residential clients.

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