ACT Trash Container Deodorizer and Cleaner


Trash Compactors: Use one, 25lb bag of ACT Trash Container Deodorizer & Cleaner in the trash compactor. When the container is empty, run the compactor cycle, a second bag may be needed to eliminate all odors.

Garbage Cans and Dumpsters: Deodorizing household trash container: Application: Shake 2 to 4 times into the bottom of the trash container liner. Repeat as needed.

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Deodorizing Outside Trash Containers: For outside trash cans and dumpsters, shake Act Trash Container Deodorizer & Cleaner on the sides and bottom of the empty trash cans to control odors and helps prevent leaking. As the container is used, you may need to reapply on top of discarded trash to control odors as necessary.

ACT Trash Container Deodorizer & Cleaner:

Stop pressure washing using soaps, bleaches or other harsh cleaning methods. Go green with the power of microorganisms ACT’s proprietary formula of Microorganisms produces extracellular enzymes which completely break down Petroleum’s, Proteins and eliminate odors.  ACT Trash Container Deodorizer & Cleaner is a time saving and cost-effective trash can deodorizer and cleaner. It helps prevent leakage by working as an absorbent in the trash container controlling odors, eliminating flies and fly larvae. All while leaving a fresh citrus fragrance. Like all of our other USDA certified cleaning products, it is safe to use around plants, animals, and humans.

Using ACT’s revolutionary microbial bio-remediation process to eliminate odors, removing build up, preventing leaks, and stopping debris from sticking to containers. It cleans and deodorizing any aluminum, steel, or plastic container, as well as trash compactors and dumpsters.Works on any food product, oils, fats, meets, fish, chicken, dead animals, produce spills and stains.

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2.5lbs., 10lbs., 25lbs

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